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Extreme Mist Misting & Hydration Backpack


The Ultimate hydration backpack. ExtremeMist PCS 2-N-1 Misting & Drinking Hydration system cools and hydrates with the touch of a button. Imagine you’re mountain biking, hiking, running, or cycling, and the temperature’s rising. The hot sun beats down o
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Misting & Drinking from the same hydration pack system!

The ExtremeMist® PCS  Misting hydration backpack comes with the PCS (Personal Cooling System) unit fully installed.

The PCS unit comes with a rechargeable battery, 8-speed wireless remote control for mist density, and two sizes of misting nozzles. 

The PCS cooling pump is designed for easy removal for use out of the pack for a variety of cooling applications. It can be further enhanced by adding our Quad Hose/Nozzle Kit for large area cooling.

The PCS unit can also be used with our Waist Pack attachment that zips to the backpack itself. This allows you to carry extra hydration bottles and gear, and transfer approximately 70% of the pack weight from your upper torso to your hips.