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Portable Misting System Quad Kit w/ Storage


ExtremeMist® Portable Mist System Quad kit is a stand-alone, outdoor misting system that creates a continuous cloud of fine mist, cooling the air around you up to 30°. Easily clip the PCS Pump and nozzle system to your tents, canopies, umbrellas, UTV's, g
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Insert the 4' feed hose to any clean water sourcesuch as a water jug, pail, water bottle, cooler, or any type of container, set to desired speed with its wireless eight-speed remote-control, and cool down in seconds.

Kit Includes:

PCS Pump with rechargeable battery pack

 Wireless Remote

 4 Mist Nozzles spaced 4 ft. apart with clip attachments

 6 Rubberized Twist Ties for mounting

 4 ft. Feed Line (To connect to a water container)

 PCS Protective Cover 

 AC fast Charger & Micro USB cable

 Brass intake Filter/Hose Weight

 Convenient, sturdy storage box with handle