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Q-Tubes / Teravail 24" x 1.9-2.125" 32mm Presta Valve Tube 152g


The Q-Tubes Standard Line Presta Valve tubes feature QBP's widest variety of tube sizes and valve lengths with a proven record of high quality control and consistent availability.
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Q-Tubes / Teravail 24" x 1.9-2.125"

Model: Q-Tubes Presta Tube
Size: 24inch
Type: Butyl
Style: Standard Presta Valve
Valve: Presta Short 32-40mm
Tube Compound: Butyl
Weight: 152
Valve Core: Removable
Wall Thickess: 0.9
Shaft Type: Threaded
Labeled Size: 24 x 1.9-2.125
ISO Width (mm): 47
ISO Width (mm): 48
ISO Width (mm): 49
ISO Width (mm): 50
ISO Width (mm): 51
ISO Width (mm): 52
ISO Width (mm): 53
ISO Width (mm): 54
ISO Width (mm): 55
ISO Width (mm): 56
ISO Width (mm): 57
ISO Diameter: 507 / 24" BMX