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Synthe MIPS Helmet


The Giro Synthe Mips is the pinnacle of road bike helmet designs. This helmet combines the performance advantage of aerodynamics and light weight with excellent cooling. Increasing comfort and aerodynamics.
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The compact shape and Aero Mesh panels increase aerodynamics.
The compact form enhances air flow around the Giro Synthe MIPS while the Aero Mesh panels on the side of the road bike helmet give an extra boost to its already excellent aerodynamics. Another cool feature are the special slots so you can easily and securely place your cycling glasses on the helmet.

26 air vents and Roc Loc Air Fit System for optimal ventilation
The 26 air vents incorporated in the Synthe give it a superb ventilation system. Additionally, the Aero Mesh panels have small holes in them to further improve ventilation. At the heart of the helmet is the RocLoc Air Firt system. This system raises the helmet fractionally above your head, creating enough space for air to flow through. This system also allows you to adjust the tension on the head band as well as the forward/aft tilt.

The MIPS technology reduces the risks of a concussion.
The Synthe MIPS consists of an In-mold polycarbonate outer shell with EPS liner. In order to guarantee optimal fall protection, the MIPS technology has been added to this bicycle helmet. The MIPS system consists of a low friction interlayer between the EPS liner and the padding, which is provided with elastic fasteners. This allows the helmet to move slightly in relation to the head in the event of a fall. This ensures that lateral and rotational forces are better absorbed. The positive result of this is a considerably lower risk of concussion.

The lightweight straps with Slimline Buckle and the antibacterial X-static Padding, complete this cycling helmet. You no longer have to choose between aerodynamics, cooling and safety. With the GIro Synthe MIPS you have all these qualities in one helmet! No longer be faced with a choice between aerodynamics, cooling or safety: the Giro Synthe has it all!