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Tube 650 x 18 25 PV 60mm Supersonic 45 Grams


Ultra light weight inner tube. The Continental Supersonic road long valve inner tube is a must have cycling essential for 650c bike wheels.Super lightweight butyl tube, even lighter than latex but not porous, so no need to reinflate every day.
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The long valve inner tubes enables you to use deep section rims (40mm, 50mm and above) as the shorter valve would not extend out of the rim valve hole. Shorter valve inner tubes are ideal for wheels with rim depths of 24mm or 30mm.

Presta valve tubes are most commonly used for road wheels (650c) and on a few MTB wheels as the valves are thin, whereas Schrader valves are more commanly found on MTB wheels as valve is larger and won't fit through 650c rim valve holes.