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Vielo R+1 Strato - GRX Di2 - Grey - Medium


The future is 1x, pure and simple. Proven by the growing interest in road bikes with wide-ratio, 12 & 13 speed drivetrains & single chainrings, the R+1 is a road bike with breathtaking performance, efficiency & comfort.
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R+1 Frame - Stiffer-Simpler-Better

1x is no fad. It's the logical next step for road bikes. Lose the second chainring and you gain a beautiful symmetry. Nothing is offset, with a perfectly balanced downtube, bottom bracket and chainstay contributing to 30% greater lateral stiffness. Tube shapes are designed to maximise aero efficiency, and with less cabling (especially in the Alto version) streamlining is optimal and clutter minimal.

Seatstays & Chainstays - Comfortably Better Performance

By replacing the double chainring with a single, the chainstays complement the symmetrical design and deliver far more bang for your buck. The unique seatstay profile is more aero and boosts rider comfort for lung-busting climbs as well as handling confidence for those long, head-down descents.

1x gearingTradition says no. Science says otherwise

Purists tell you 1x can’t provide the gears to climb effectively or to go fast. Vielo says rubbish. Top brands like SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo have put their money where their mouth is with single drivetrains that compete with 2x. What’s more, the simplicity of a 1x drivetrain means less mechanical mishaps.