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Vielo V+1 Alto Di2 - Blue Stone - Large


Road or offroad the V+1 does it all! The V+1 goes where you want to go - road, gravel, mud tracks, wherever. ISO 4210 certification means it is tough and up for the job. Clever design means you can use 700C or 650b wheels.
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Symmetrical BB-More stiffness-More Power

Without a second chainring, the tube transitions to the BB are no longer compromised. Now symmetrical the bottom bracket is perfectly balanced with the downtube and chainstay contributing to 30% greater lateral stiffness.

Seatstays and chainstays-Refined for more comfort

Another advantage of a symmetrical bottom bracket is better-engineered chainstays and seatstays. New tube profiles provide greater directional stiffness where needed and just the right amount of flex for overall comfort.

1x Gearing-Everything you need for road and off-road

With 11, 12 and 13 speed drivetrains from SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo, having the right gearing isn’t an issue. Steady climbs, steep climbs or going fast, a 1x drivetrain delivers everything a 2x does and with less mechanical issues.